Fraud Investigations Nov 2, 2021

Citizen’s Bureau of Investigation (CBI) & The Citizen’s Public Safety Network (CPSN).

Our mission is to facilitate and promote Citizen to Citizen public safety reporting, investigative technology, researchinvestigations, education and perpetrator behavior alerts of those whom present a public safety risk by their repeated exploitation of vulnerable persons. Premeditated exploitation of persons & their property are crimes that negatively effect all taxpaying citizens and entire communities; especially the elderly, those with disabilities, children, victims of domestic violence, bullying, harassment, person crimes as well as fraud, negligence, exploitation, malpractice, business, professional and facility violations. We provide resources to enable public aegis to those whom have had their civil and inalienable human rights violated — A voice for all persons whom are constitutionally protected under Federal Acts, State Statutes, Municipal Codes, Occupational License Ethics and Industry Regulations.

CPSN works with programmers to develop leading-edge data-gathering applications focused on tracking, profiling and comparing repeating perpetrator patterns. The software was designed to aggregate factual events, compare them with statutory code and forecast vulnerable person abuse, exploitation & negligence trends. Moreover, the applications have many additional educational features. The following PDF whitepapers explain in greater detail.


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