Citizen Investigations

Fraud Investigations Nov 2, 2021


Genesis of Citizen to Citizen Information Era, Evidence Sharing & Collective Reporting of Repeating Fraud Patterns & Perpetrators.

In one example this practice of “sharing” victim stories, evidence, and litigant case documentation lead to cross-vetting of individual cases for repeating patterns of unprofessional and exploitative conduct which revealed a consistent practice of manipulation upon the court, via record concealment, contradictory motion filings and intentional court document concealment by the same court appointed officers and the vulnerable persons attorney(s). 

The documentation of these events with actual court records provided a catalyst to take the “information sharing model” further which lead to the development of  educational material and public safety technology to increase the knowledge base, identify reoccurring patterns of white-collar ethical violations, crimes and fraud upon the court. This model has proven effective and can assist others  facing the same catastrophic predicaments. Similarly, evidence sharing scenarios on regional domestic violence litigation revealed also revealed patterns of suspicious unprofessional conduct. The developers have coined this information sharing process “Citizen-to-Citizen” reporting and the integrated platform delivery system VP (vulnerable person) Task Force ™ Public Safety Tools.


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